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Get set for your CMS exam with our 10 week Cohort. Taking your through each aspect of Theory, Service, and blind tasting. This Cohort is Ashley’s mastermind, and with a 92% pass rate, it is one of the best wine education coaching investments you can make.

May 13th-July 18th 2024

Cohort Breakdown

This 10 week course is designed to give you everything you need to pass your CMS exam

Becoming a sommelier takes more than dedication, it takes a community. Having a support system is how we grow in the wine world, and the most successful sommeliers work together to be their best. We have created a live, digital mentorship experience designed to create a community of sommelier exam candidates and provide sessions on how to prepare for service, tasting, and theory exams. Students will attend a series of webinars and online tutoring sessions designed to deepen their understanding of how to manage wine programs, wine service execution, deductive tasting techniques, and the depth and level of wine theory needed to be a successful floor sommelier. If you plan to sit for wine exams, join us for a ten-week preparation cohort where you will get real-time instruction and meet other candidates to study and prepare with. The course includes:

  • Two live sessions each week covering a wide array of topics
  • Personalized Study Plan
  • Twelve Testable Wines
  • Three Live Blind Tasting Sessions-Two as a Group and One Private Session
  • Live Service Demonstrations
  • A Seminar on the Business of Wine
  • 300 Pages of Study Guides
  • Weekly Reviews and Quizzes
  • Office Hours for Any Additional Assistance

Ashley Broshious

Service has defined my life. From childhood, I aspired to help people and improve the world. I discovered my love of wine in college while working in restaurants. Being a caretaker and knowledge holder of wine farm history and how winemakers expressed their land’s fruit was special. I passed my Certified Sommelier exam at 22 after attending the Culinary Institute of Charleston. I had many opportunities to work with Eric Ripert, Traci des Jardins, Chris Cosentino, and Charlie Palmer. Charleston, Grand Cayman, San Francisco, and Napa Valley were my stops. Many wonderful professors and mentors taught me how to establish and run wine programs that met the needs and wants of my restaurants. I was proficient in financials and P&L statements while running successful bar and wine programs. Arkenstone Vineyards, a beautiful tiny winery on Howell Mountain, hired me after I passed the Advanced Sommelier Exam in April 2014. Like How to Drink Wine, I founded Into the Vines Consulting and teach at the Commonwealth Wine School and Culinary Institute of Charleston. My goal is the Master Sommelier Diploma, and I’m always looking for methods to help my pupils.


  • Tutoring for all levels including the following NVWA courses: American Wine Expert, French Wine Scholar, Italian Wine Professional, CSW, WSET 1, WSET 2
  • Training your Focus: How to handle any exam from multiple choice, essay or verbal formats and build your own personalized study program
  • Blind Tasting prep for Certified and Advanced Sommelier exams, WSET II and CSW.
  • Mastering the art of restaurant wine service
  • Breaking down and understanding wine laws of all major wine growing nations
  • Building and maintaining beverage programs from the ground up including program costing, list development, bar programs and how to get the most from distributor relationships
  • Building staff training materials for all levels
  • Building your program from scratch including documents for inventory, ordering, product rotation, par systems as well as physical cellar maintenance and design

Everything You Need to Pass the Certified Sommelier Exam

With over 300 pages of study guides, live lectures, blind tastings, service demos and more! Payment plans available!