What is Merlot

The Merlot grape is a true classic in the world of wine. Known for its plush, velvety texture and rich, full-bodied flavor, this grape variety is a favorite among wine lovers everywhere. With its dark, inky color and complex aromas of black cherry, plum, and spice, Merlot is the perfect choice for a hearty meal or a special occasion. Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or just starting to explore the world of wine, Merlot is a grape that you simply must try.

How to pronounce 

Merlot is pronounced “mer-loh” with the emphasis on the first syllable.

What is merlot also known as

Merlot is also known as a “black velvet” for its smooth, plush texture and rich, full-bodied flavor. Some people also refer to it as a “cabernet’s softer sister” because of its similarities in taste and aroma to the cabernet sauvignon grape, with less tannin and acidity.

What does Merlot taste like

Taste profile

Bone-dry, Medium-full Body,Medium-high Tannins, Medium Acidity, 13.5–15% ABV

Primary Flavours

Cherry, Plum, Chocolate, Bay Leaf, Vanilla

Storage & Handling

When it comes to storing and handling Merlot wine, there are a few key points to keep in mind to ensure that you get the most out of your bottle. First and foremost, it’s important to serve Merlot at the right temperature, which is between 60-68°F or 15-20°C. This will help to bring out the full range of flavors and aromas that this grape variety has to offer.

Next, you’ll want to use an oversized glass for your Merlot. This will help to open up the wine and allow you to fully appreciate its bouquet.

When it comes to decanting, I recommend giving your Merlot at least 30 minutes to breathe before you start to drink it. This will help to soften the wine and make it more approachable.

Finally, if you’re lucky enough to have a cellar, you can age your Merlot for 10+ years. This will allow the flavors to develop and evolve over time, and you’ll be rewarded with a truly special bottle of wine.

Food Pairing

What do you pair with Merlot

When it comes to pairing food with Merlot, the possibilities are endless. This versatile grape variety is known for its rich, full-bodied flavor and plush texture, making it a great match for a wide variety of dishes.

One of my favorite pairings is Merlot with red meats like beef, lamb or venison. The wine’s soft tannins complement the meat’s richness and the wine’s fruitiness brings out the flavors of the meat.

Another great pairing is Merlot with poultry dishes like duck or turkey. The wine’s fruitiness and acidity balance the richness of the meat and its oak aging brings out the flavors of the poultry.

Merlot also pairs well with rich and flavorful sauces, such as mushroom or truffle sauces. The wine’s acidity cuts through the richness of the sauce and the wine’s fruitiness brings out the flavors of the sauce.

Finally, Merlot is a great pairing with cheeses like blue cheese, gouda and cheddar. The wine’s acidity cuts through the creaminess of the cheese and its fruitiness brings out the flavors of the cheese.

Where is grown?

Boredeaux, France

When it comes to Merlot, there are a few key regions around the world that really stand out. First and foremost, there’s Bordeaux in France, where this grape variety has been grown for centuries and is a key component in some of the most famous and sought-after wines in the world. The Merlot grown in Bordeaux is known for its rich, complex flavors and long aging potential.

Napa Valley, California

Another top region for Merlot is Napa Valley, California. The Merlot grown in Napa Valley is known for its rich, full-bodied flavor and plush texture, and some of the best Merlots in the New World come from Napa Valley.

Piedmont, Italy

Finally, there’s Piedmont in Italy, where Merlot is known as “Molot” and is used in the production of red wine, often blended with other local grape varieties such as Barbera and Nebbiolo to produce wines that are known for their complexity and aging potential. These three regions are definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of Merlot.

Other regions of the world to try their Merlot wine

Washington State, USA: Merlot grapes grown in Washington state are known for their rich, full-bodied flavor, and plush texture.

Chile: Merlot grapes grown in Chile are known for their intense fruitiness and smooth tannins

Argentina: Merlot grapes grown in Argentina are known for their rich and ripe fruit character, with a good acidity balance.

Australia: Merlot grapes grown in Australia are known for their ripe fruit character, smooth tannins, and balanced acidity.

New Zealand: Merlot grapes grown in New Zealand are known for their ripe berry and plum flavors with a good balance of acidity and tannins.

Tuscany, Italy: Merlot grapes grown in Tuscany are known for their rich and ripe fruit character, with a good acidity balance and a distinct earthy, spicy character.

South Africa: Merlot grapes grown in South Africa are known for their ripe fruit character, good acidity, and soft tannins.