Our aim is to provide next level training and mentoring for wine businesses and individuals a like. Whether you are aiming to increase your beverage programs ROI, or trying to pass your next wine certification. We have an option that will help you.

Wine Business Training

Do you help with understanding how the business of wine works? We will use our expertise to help you build a profitable and enjoyable wine program for your cafe, bar, or restaurant.

Staff Training

Getting your staff up to date on on regions, styles, service standards, and the latest industry changes can be daunting. Our staff training sheets on everything wine related, handy how to videos, and one to one sessions will help you run a confident and successful floor team.

Exam Mentoring & Training

The core of our business lies in our understanding of multiple wine exam boards and certifications and our ability to mentor you through these exams to give you greater prospects as a professional in the industry.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Wine doesn’t need to be complicated. Our aim at How To Drink Wine is to mentor you to the highest level. Whether you are restaurant owner all the way to if you are just finding your feet in the industry. We can help you.

Alasdair Walker

How To Drink Wine, Founder

cropped shot of wine steward holding decanter while client reading menu list at wine store